2024-05-02 19:30:00
THURSDAY 2ND MAY 2024 - 7:30PM


The Link Productions




Since their inception, post-punk band W!ZARD have been rocking the stage, known and recognized as much for their explosiveness as for their anger. Following the release of their EP “Definitely Unfinished” in June 2021 and some sixty concerts in France and its neighbouring countries, the trio return on April 12 with “Not Good Enough”, their second full-length that captures all the band’s signature raw energy, while exploring new horizons straight from across the Channel. Let’s face it: the stage is, and always has been, the place where the two Bordeaux natives and the Biarritz native make their mark, personifying chaos and overwhelming audiences with a wave of emotion and a deluge of sound. Are you ready?

New album “Not Good Enough” available April 12, 2024 from À Tant Rêver du Roi and Baco.

For fans of IDLES, Shame, Ditz, Gilla Band or Crows