2024-05-03 19:30:00
FRIDAY 3RD MAY 2024 - 7:30PM


Giant Monster Robot



Who would have guessed that the baddest, hippest, funkiest players in all of Paris were actually members of an alien race bent on world domination?

This band of intrepid funkateers is a veritable “super group” of the Parisian jazz scene, bringing together luminaries Karl Jannuska, Thomas Savy, David Prez, Josiah Woodson, Benjamin Asnar, and Sarah-Lane Roberts under the fearless leadership of guitarist/singer/songwriter/arranger David Garlitz. Travelling the galaxy in a mothership fueled by the music of Frank Zappa, Sun Ra, Steely Dan, and Parliament Funkadelic, Cobra Fantastic offers us a trip outside of the same old linear space-time, where everything is on The One, but The One ain’t where you thought it was gonna be…

Cobra Fantastic’s first full-length funkatomic opus Edifice Wrecks, half comic book, half Space Opera, follows a warrior priestess, her rogue soldier and former lover, a 40-story monster robot, a dental-floss farmer, the galaxy’s fastest starfighter, and a guitar with a mind of its own as they struggle to maintain the balance of the Funkabopulation in the universe. It’s Heart of Darkness meets Mars Attacks, spoken in the language of jazz and funk, and carried along by the baddest grooves this side of Zargon VII.