2024-03-15 19:30:00
FRIDAY 15 MARCH 2024 - 7:30PM





To mark the release of his album RESET (ULTRA) on February 2, Sika Deva invites you to the Boule Noire on Thursday March 15 for a release party that will take you into his singular universe, brimming with honesty. You can already listen to the project’s new, more introspective and personal tracks, as he shares his doubts and learns to question himself.

Imagine a multicultural art form, swirling with many musical inspirations, skilfully blended with a pen rich in emotions and sharing: that would define Sika Deva’s universe rather well. Influenced by artists ranging from Kendrick Lamar to D’Angelo, Sika Deva presents a hybrid style right from her first project Multifunctional (2018). After releasing a few singles with Kitsuné Musique, he went on to release numerous capsules on social networks, signed the soundtrack to the YOKO (Squeezie) brand collection before presenting his new project Loading in 2021. This 8-track project, featuring fine featurings with Gracy Hopkins and Leroy Menace (DE), closes a period of intense exploration for the artist.

Following the release of his RESET project in July 2023, he plays at Le Petit Bain with Tices and the other artists who helped create the project. Sika Deva offers us an organic sound, full Aof contrasts with its frenetic pianos and controlled beats, its voices sometimes airy, sometimes breathless. The red thread of this project, questioning, is theatrical, sometimes dramatic thanks to the melancholy string orchestrations. The reissue of his project, RESET (ULTRA), is now available, and after opening for Prince Waly at the Olympia, he is preparing for this celebration at the Boule noire.