Saturday, October 30 2021

Promoter: Roche Musique & Öctöpus

15.99 €


 Roche Musique & La Boule Noire presents : WAYNESNOW (Live Band) in concert on Saturday, October 30, 2021. 

The Nigerian artist based in Berlin will present his new album "Figurine" along with his musicians. 

On the ten tracks of "Figurine", WAYNE SNOW skillfully weaves neo-soul, alternative pop, R&B, soultronica and hints of jazz into a mesmerizing album. His music is elegant, with calm and quiet passages giving way to bright bursts of energy and color.Preceded by the singles "Seventy", "Nina" and "The Thrill", the album "Figurine" will be released on Roche Musique on September 24, 2021.