Friday, March 24 2023


Promoter: La Boule Noire

Doors open: 12:00AM

11.00 €


Karaoqueen : very first time édition 


Something new has begun
And it's taking control
Of my body and mind
It began when I heard I love you
For the very first time
For the very first time


Pigalle Cabaret Paris sparkling, voulez-vous chantay ? 


Boule noire, sleepless night, take the mic for the very first time it’s your time to shine 

To host this crazy night, Le Filip as the mum queen, ruthless false note hunter she is here to spot your best tunes, giving shots away for a memorable day. 

On the disc jokey side, Illatonik & Aubrylicious will treat your ears, for the very first time L0V360 behind the deck. 

Hope you’re ready, you’ll cry, really 

And as we want to see you move, Shakras licra right on time to share with you the real choreography  of happiness. 

Chantay you slay