Friday, April 28 2023


Promoter: Clearwaters

Doors open: 7.30PM

18.00 €


Passionate about fashion and rap since he was young, it is after having founded his own magazine and joined his first rap group that Jonny Vegas decided to launch a solo career in 2018. 

4 years later, here he is with 3 EPs all very personal and the result of a close collaboration with Bnvsky, his producer and manager. 

3 projects in which he tackles the centre of his attentions and gives us the story of an artist constantly running away from his demons to find peace. 

An artist apart and well established in the French musical landscape, Jonny Vegas thinks of making music progress by widening the codes of rap. And to do this, he draws on his rich and multiple influences, ranging from the American rap scene of the 2010s to English new wave, or the techno that we listen to in the warehouse. This goal is more important than his 

more important than his personal career. 

What does Jonny want? To create something that could change everything.