Saturday, March 18 2023

Promoter: MG.PROD’S

Doors open: 7:30pm

Start at: 8pm

14.63 €


Everybody love being high, Canard wants you to love being down.

His music project is mixing alternative rap, sentimental trap and acid lyrics. 

His performances are participative shows where unifying hooks meet dancing beats and where the sadness of the lyrics meets crowd's energy.


Frizzy P & Mr Col

Frizzy P & Mr Cole released their first EP LADI DADI in April 2017, without any announcement like a message in a bottle or a sweet refrain for those who will listen to the sensory message. The bet worked - they've racked up 6 million plays on Spotify so far. The duo's organic and melancholic sound has reached the shore. It sounds like dreamy Trap Hop that you’d like to play over and over again !