Monday, May 29 2023

Promoter: La Boule Noire et Talentueux Music Production

16.50 €


L.J, whose real name is Herculano Junior Soares, is a musician coming from a family of

passionate musicians from Guinea Bissau. L.J. grew up in this universe, nourishing his

appetites and tastes.

For years,, he has worked with various artists in the studio. Composition, production,

accompaniment and advice are added to all his personal musical projects.

Inherently, behind his versatility, L.J. is the essence of a musician. The guitar is his

signature instrument, but he also sings, raps and works on songwriting and various other

musical instruments.

Today, by mobilizing all these artistic and cultural skills, he is developing a musical

universe of his own. The presentation of this first EP is the result of the artist's most

paradoxical thoughts.